For some of us, the only way we are going to achieve our financial goals is to stick to a budget.

The challenge people have in saving to achieve their financial goals is that there is not enough money in their paychecks to begin to save—or in a sufficient amount. If this is you, you must find that money. A budget is the only way to do it.

Pay yourself first. That’s the goal of every budget. Put aside what is needed to achieve your financial goals; and with what’s left over, pay for your lifestyle.

No doubt living on a budget is challenging. You will need to make some hard decisions about your financial priorities. The alternative is never to achieve some level of financial security. What is harder in the long run?


  • With all those cash withdrawals and debit charges, can you account for all the money that you spend?

  • Identify the expenses for the necessities of life such as rent, utilities, insurance, etc.

  • How much money do you spend servicing credit card and other installment debt? How would your financial life be if you got rid of those?

  • What expenses could you eliminate to find the money to pay off debt or to contribute to savings?