Financial Calculators

An alternative to doing it in your head.

Nothing helps you be more financially successful than understanding the numbers associated with YOUR particular situation and circumstances. Yes, we know financial and investment mathematics can be quite intimidating and complex. Our calculators are designed to help you navigate the math in a straight-forward manner. Sure it will take a little effort and thinking on your part to understand the scope of the challenges and opportunities for you to be financially successful. But if you aren’t prepared to make the effort, who’s going to do it for you?

The most important factor is your ability to tolerate the investment risk your retirement objectives may require...

Calculate the impact an increase in contributions to your 401(k) will have on your take-home pay...

Explore the interplay between savings rates, expected retirement dates, target income and life expectancy...
cost of delay

A delay in getting started saving money can be quite expensive—a cost you may not be able to pay!
household budget

For some of us, the only way we are going to achieve our financial goals is to stick to a budget.

The most common reason people fail to achieve financial goals is debt payments consume all of their discretionary money.