Lunch & Learn

How often are you asked to invest in yourself?  That’s right, not in some stock or bond, a real estate deal, or a start-up.  In you!  The investment we are asking you to make doesn’t require you to write a check. Our investment request is only your time—in installments! The first installment is the few minutes it will take you to watch the video below.

We have some more Lunch & Learn videos for you to watch.  Each video builds on ideas discussed in prior videos, ideas which either will be new to you and can help you improve your financial health; or ideas familiar to you that perhaps affirm the good habits you’ve developed to be as financially fit as you are. Either way, we think watching additional videos is worth the investment–and that investment is only your time.  We won’t charge you for these videos.  As a Certified B Corporation, we’re hoping to improve the financial health of the communities we live in. If we’re successful, that’s compensation enough!

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