With pride we announce that Northwest Capital Management, Inc. is now a Certified B Corporation®. We are one of fewer than 2,000 companies worldwide who have met verified, rigorous standards of performance, accountability, and transparency. We provide full-time employment with livable wages and comprehensive benefits packages—and opportunities for professional advancement. Our interactions with clients involve full disclosure of fees and potential conflicts of interest. We act as fiduciaries. We pursue innovative and constructive investment strategies. We support diversity, inclusion and civic engagement within our community. We implement sound environmental practices.

Most importantly, a Certified B Corporation® seeks to strengthen its local community and effect positive social change through its business efforts.

The U.S. is facing many significant problems – we believe that most will not be resolved no matter who wins the upcoming presidential election. The U.S. is likely to remain polarized, precluding any thoughtful, effective solutions.

Of particular concern to us is the high percentage of people whose sole income consists of Social Security payments and the extremely low average savings balance of American workers. Given the country’s aging population and longer-life expectancies, a social crisis appears inevitable. Whereas we at NWCM cannot solve these problems for the country, as an investment advisory firm we are in a unique position to advance the B Corp community’s goal of “using business as a force for good.”

Our fiduciary advice does make a difference in the lives of our clients. Our wealth management clients are confident of financial success. They will not be dependent on social programs or the charity of others. With our help, our clients can instill in their children and grandchildren the sound financial sense that has brought them success.

For those clients who have the means, we facilitate their philanthropy—charity that makes a huge difference to society. We endorse the idea that gifting through investment and estate planning can be an additional measure of financial success.

We support our employer clients who sponsor and promote meaningful retirement plans as a valuable employee benefit. Our goal is to motivate their employees to contribute regularly and adequately to their 401(k) accounts. Only by doing so can participants expect to retire with an income that ensures dignity and security without being dependent on charity or social programs.

Our mission has always been to advance the financial goals of our clients; now as a Certified B Corporation® we are compelled to do more. Consequently, NWCM also announces the development of a financial wellness program we call Capital YOU™. Through Internet-based tools and resources, and with one-on-one interaction, we seek to teach people the behaviors that will make them “financially fit” and confident of financial success—thus keeping them from being counted among the growing population ill-prepared for retirement.

Capital YOU™ services will not involve an extra fee to our clients. We consider Capital YOU™ a core component of our services. Furthermore, consistent with our commitment as a Certified B Corporation® to do good, we will make our online tools and resources available to the general public at no charge.

As always, we appreciate the opportunity to be of service to our clients–which in turn enables us to be part of the change our society desperately needs.

Sincerely, Team NWCM
August, 2016