1. It is a distribution of the account balance from a workplace retirement plan or IRA into another workplace retirement plan or IRA, AND;
  2. It is a distribution in which the account balance was paid directly to you.

In a transfer, the distributed amount is paid directly to the trustee or custodian of the receiving plan?

You must complete the rollover with 60 days of receipt of the distribution.

  1. An IRA
  2. A retirement plan of a new employer providing the employer will agree to accept the rollover
  1. As to Roth IRAs? No.
  2. From a regular IRA, yes, BUT only if your employer’s plan allows it.
  3. No, for a non-spousal beneficiary of an inherited IRA.
  1. NO! Any subsequent rollovers within that 12-month period will be considered taxable distributions.
  2. There is no restriction on the number of transfers that can occur within a 1r-month period, or subsequent to a rollover.