You’ve made it through the alphabet! How appropriate is it that the last letter is Z and stands for Zero-Debt—the result we hope will be your efforts from budgeting.

Wouldn’t it be great to be debt-free?  How would your world change? Imagine the possibilities if you had all that extra income to better enjoy life today and provide for your future.

So much of what we have written was intended to motivate you to do the heavy lifting required to dig yourself out of debt and become financially fit.  CapitalYOU™ can encourage you.  But we can’t do the hard work for you. Only you can. And once you are out of debt, only you can stay out of debt!

We at NWCM extend to you our best wishes and hopes that you do become and stay financially healthy.

If you have more questions about reducing your debt, feel free to Ask an Expert.

Once you are financially fit, you will have the ability to say “Yes” more often to so many of the things that you have had to deny yourself in your efforts to become financially healthy. A word of caution: newly, financially healthy people can slip back into old ways and lose that fitness in much the same way that people who lose weight after a rigorous diet gain it back.

Financial fitness is a life-long endeavor. It will always require commitment and discipline.  Just as maintaining an ideal physical weight is so much less than the effort of first having to lose it, so too is maintaining your financial fitness.  You no longer need to pay off debt.  You’re debt free!  Revel in it!

With only 400 words in the English language that start with the letter X, we really struggled coming up with something applicable to our discussions about debt reduction.

Xenia is an ancient Greek custom of hospitality, specifically the giving of presents to guests or strangers. CapitalYou™ is an example of Xenia. We created and maintain CapitalYou™ resources as a public resource, available to the “guests” who browse our website at no cost or obligation.  A gift, really.

NWCM is a for-profit business and a Certified B Corp®. Although we are shamelessly in business to make a profit, as a B Corp® we want to use our business to do good for the community in which we and our clients live. A strong, vibrant community has as its members financially fit people who can patronize the community’s businesses, support its churches and community-based organizations. The more financially fit the people in a community are, the better the community.

We want you to be financially fit—even if you aren’t our client. You’re our neighbor, or the neighbor of our client. We hope this instance of Xenia helps you to become financially fit.

Wishful thinking is that you win the lottery or get a financial windfall that pays off all your debt and leaves you with a large savings balance. It will never happen.  Plan accordingly!

What should that plan be? Analyze your expenses; create a Budget; and Commit to living within it. It’s as straightforward as ABC.

Yes, it’s hard work.  But is being under the yoke of debt payments easy?

Shift your focus. Do what it takes to become financially fit.  It’s well worth the effort!