J is for Job

You have a job that generates income for you. You might work in an office, a hospital, a factory, a school, or you’re on the road. The job’s income is important to you; and thus, the job is important.

You might also have the job of being a mother or a father, a spouse or a partner. People depend on you for much more than just a paycheck. You have a responsibility to yourself as well, single or otherwise.

You have a non-income job as well: getting yourself on track to becoming financially healthy.  No one else is going to do this job for you.  As many people as there are in your life who love you, the one person who can do this job is you.

Do what you can to invest in your career and ensure the future of your position.  Learn new skills, grow your network, check in with your company to see how else you can add value.  You’re aiming for job security and a raise to lighten your debt burden.