O is for Opportunity

Debt affects the opportunities we are presented with, but it also presents us with its own opportunities.  Lost opportunities can vary from inconveniences – not being able to attend an event – to major setbacks – losing the ability to invest in real-estate.  These are all motivators to get out of debt, and to build skills to stay out of debt.  However, lost opportunities are a major contributor to debt stress.  If you’re a person who likes to solve problems and overcome obstacles, look at debt as an opportunity to challenge yourself and your community.  Start a competition to see how much you can reduce your utility bills (not only is this great for your wallet, it is better for the environment).  Teach yourself how to cook at home and contribute the money you save there to paying down debt.  There are lots of ways you can use debt as an opportunity to practice saving money and to learn new skills, and each way will help you tackle that debt even faster.