Q is for Quality of Life

People often confuse quality of life with lifestyle. “I’ll be much happier if I have a nice car, a big house, fancy clothes, go on nice vacations, …”  That may be true if you can afford it, meaning you have an income large enough to spend all that you wish and still live within your means.

Too many people have a lifestyle which they cannot afford. They carry a large debt load that can compromise their longer-term financial health for the shorter-term enjoyment the debt burden affords. There’s a big tradeoff for lifestyle when risking quality of life over the long run.

Maybe it was through unfortunate circumstances like unemployment, medical bills or a divorce that you are in debt without the short-term gratification of the material goods which debt buys for other people.

Life is full of tradeoffs. Maybe your lifestyle suffers a short-term hit while you stick with your budget to get rid of debt.  Believe us when we say the tradeoff is worth an improved quality of life when you are debt-free, and your budget will then allow you to better achieve your goals and dreams.