X is for Xenia

With only 400 words in the English language that start with the letter X, we really struggled coming up with something applicable to our discussions about debt reduction.

Xenia is an ancient Greek custom of hospitality, specifically the giving of presents to guests or strangers. CapitalYou™ is an example of Xenia. We created and maintain CapitalYou™ resources as a public resource, available to the “guests” who browse our website at no cost or obligation.  A gift, really.

NWCM is a for-profit business and a Certified B Corp®. Although we are shamelessly in business to make a profit, as a B Corp® we want to use our business to do good for the community in which we and our clients live. A strong, vibrant community has as its members financially fit people who can patronize the community’s businesses, support its churches and community-based organizations. The more financially fit the people in a community are, the better the community.

We want you to be financially fit—even if you aren’t our client. You’re our neighbor, or the neighbor of our client. We hope this instance of Xenia helps you to become financially fit.