Certified B Corporation®

By Oregon statute, a “benefit company”—B Corp, for short—seeks to earn a profit, strengthen its local community, and effect positive social change through its business efforts.

Strong, vibrant communities need financially healthy people. Such individuals have the resources and time to patronize a community’s businesses, support its churches and schools, and participate in community-focused activities. Communities prosper. They become safer.

NWCM’s business purpose is to ensure financial fitness for our individual clients. We also provide services to organizations who must navigate the complexity, and mitigate the liability of sponsoring retirement plans—important employee benefits that can ensure the long-term financial health of their employees. Our individual clients, our corporate and governmental clients, are important, productive and contributing members or institutions in their local communities. The routine services of our investment advisory business fulfill the B Corp mission to strengthen our local community.

NWCM is compelled to do more, however.

Unfortunately, not everyone is financially healthy, and this lack of fitness diminishes our community.  Are they unaware of the necessity, challenges, and opportunities to become financially fit?

NWCM is providing online to the general public at no cost many resources we developed to help our clients achieve financial success.  We hope that investors access these resources and benefit from them as our clients have.  The more people financially fit, the stronger our community.

We call our B Corp mission efforts CapitalYOU™.  We invite you to learn more about these resources by clicking on the CapitalYOU™ menu link at NWCM.com.


Oregon statute requires that B Corps adhere to recognized standards for defining, reporting and assessing its social and environmental performance. NWCM is a Certified B Corp®, one of less than 1,900 corporations world-wide who had achieved that designation at the time of our certification.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions about how we can best serve the interconnected world that are our local and global communities.