NWCM has licensed new software for clients to view information about their investment portfolios through a vastly improved My Portfolio Reports internet portal. A major convenience of this new portal is a “Single Sign On” capability, meaning NWCM’s Big Picture Study© financial planning services can be just a click away once logged into the My Portfolio Reports portal. No need to login twice!

As a client, you would have received an email from with instructions to login in to the new portal for the first time and to set your password. (After you have confirmed your login credentials, you can use in the future the link above.) If you need that email resent, want help logging in or have questions about the portal’s new capabilities, please give us a call.

We license software from third-party vendors to operate our Internet portals:
     • My Portfolio Reports uses software from Orion Advisors.
     • Big Picture Study© uses software from eMoney.

You will see these vendors’ names included in the links and domain addresses when accessing these websites. (It’s always a good practice to be vigilant about the websites you are visiting. Know that we have thoroughly vetted these software vendors.)