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We may be a bit “old fashioned”, but (as some investment firms suggest) can the answers to a dozen questions and a “black box” algorithm really determine your ability to achieve financial goals–and the makeup of an investment portfolio that is a perfect fit for the management of your wealth and the attainment of your dreams?

We prefer to work with you one-on-one, to talk things through. To clearly understand your goals, resources and risk tolerance. To analyze the feasibility of attaining your goals given your circumstances and the dynamics of the financial markets. And then–and only then–to develop the comprehensive investment strategy which can give you the confidence your financial objectives will be achieved.

Our approach may indeed be old fashioned but one “tried-and-true”.

  • We start by listening to you.  You tell us your goals and objectives. Your concerns.

  • We collect information about your circumstances and resources.

  • Your aspirations will be translated into quantifiable targets given those resources, your tolerance to accept investment risk, and the dynamics of the financial markets.

  • Strategies are then developed in writing to achieve your goals. Benchmarks are established that will regularly assess your progress towards success. We review the Big Picture with you. Given your feedback, we make adjustments if necessary.

  • The result of a Big Picture Study® is a road map designed to get you confidently to the places you want to be in life. Click here to read more…

We are a resource for you. We are here to help you make informed, prudent decisions. We have years of experience advising people with similar (but unique) needs and concerns. We don’t sell products.  We provide a service that is tailored just for you.

We act as fiduciaries when advising you. In other words, your needs come first. We become an integral part of the team that will help you get to where you dream of going.