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Your goal might be financial independence or perhaps a comfortable and secure retirement. You might wish to be philanthropic. To leave a legacy to family.

Maybe your goals include all these things. And you know they are within your reach.

Can you ensure your financial success without a plan? We think not.

Having Wealth is Complicated

Stocks and bonds. Multiple investment accounts. Trusts. Retirement plans. Stock options. Pensions. Social Security. Income-producing real estate. These are just some of the assets you might own.

Our Clients tell us one of the several great benefits of a Big Picture Study is finally getting everything organized!

Let’s not forget the “debit” side of the ledger.  Account for the expenses you will have, some of which occur monthly, annually or every few years. Are those expenses fixed, as in a mortgage amortization schedule?  Or are they likely to increase each year given the effects of inflation?

You spend after-tax dollars; you cannot ignore the tax consequences of the various income sources you have.  Your expenses might be interest payments, medical in nature, or charitable.  Aren’t those gifts deductible? What might be your future tax payments? Taxes are a part of your big picture; they are an “expense” like any other.

Do you want to create a legacy? Tax-efficient wealth transfer is of significant importance.

There is no “black box” algorithm with the Big Picture Study. Complicated calculations? Yes, and the numbers are displayed in a way you can easily understand their significance.

A Big Picture Study is a roadmap designed to get you confidently to the places you want to be in life.

What’s Involved in a Big Picture Study?

  • Your personal big picture will be available on our Big Picture Study website. All facts and assumptions are recorded there. Goals quantified. Strategies laid out in tables and graphs. Calculations of portfolio growth. Estimates of expenses. Debt amortizations. Income flows. Real estate transactions. Taxes. Insurance coverage. Everything that is important to you—or which can affect you—is identified and detailed.

  • And happily despite the complexity, it’s something you’ll readily understand.  After all, it is your big picture!

  • Most important, the Big Picture website is a way for us to communicate. Call us anytime from anywhere. Log into the website; your account values are updated every day! We too will log in and answer your questions about the big picture and its strategies.

  • Do you want to consider an alternative scenario? Have circumstances changed? Do you have a new financial objective? All can be quickly analyzed, options reviewed and decisions made.