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The money you are investing has been entrusted to you.

As a fiduciary, you have significant, personal liability; and you’re under a microscope.

Your actions will be evaluated by others with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.


  • Fiduciary education for trustees and investment committees

  • Review/formulation of Investment Policy Statements

  • Investment management as an acknowledged fiduciary

  • Regulatory compliance reviews and fulfillment

  • Portfolio monitoring

Federal and state laws governing the management of the portfolio are numerous, complicated and ever-changing. Charities or beneficiaries are depending on successful portfolio returns—investment returns impacted by financial markets that at times make no sense at all. You’re being asked to make hard decisions and there is the expectation that those decisions will be right!

Fortunately, there are prudent practices that can substantially eliminate your fiduciary liability. Let NWCM help you define and implement them.

The vagaries of the financial markets? No one should be surprised that the markets go down—when they go down and by how much is always the surprise! With prudent asset allocation and immunization strategies, near-term charitable and beneficiary goals are still attainable notwithstanding a volatile market.

Let your next good decision be to call us and see if our investment management services are an appropriate fit for your needs.