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Ignore for the moment the considerable expense that is the cost of plan contributions.

Retirement plans involve arcane and confusing federal rules and regulations, numerous disclosure requirements, high operational costs, and significant personal fiduciary liability for plan fiduciaries.

And many times, employees are unappreciative of this expensive benefit.


  • Fiduciary Education for Trustees and Investment Committees

  • Review/Formulation of Investment Policy Statements

  • ERISA §3(38) Investment Management -- and statutory relief of personal liability

  • ERISA §3(21) co-fiduciary investment services

  • Comprehensive investment reporting

  • Regulatory compliance reviews and disclosure fulfillment

  • Fee benchmarking and fiduciary oversight of plan service providers

  • Vendor searches

  • Participant education, including one-on-one participant guidance

  • Online interactive knowledge and planning tools; and videos to faciliatate participant education

Administering a retirement plan is complicated because retirement plan sponsorship is not what your business is about, but it is our business.  We have the expertise to help you comply with federal rules and regulations while helping you fulfill the conditions necessary to claim statutory and safe harbor liability protections.

We can help to reduce operational and investment costs while maximizing the benefit that employer contributions can have for you and other select participants.

Most important of all, we can make your retirement plan the meaningful benefit that it is intended to be: a tax-favored method to save for a comfortable and secure retirement. After all, isn’t that the primary goal of a retirement plan?

The value of any plan service provider should be determined in part by its contribution towards helping participants save for retirement. In this respect, NWCM delivers real value. A core service of ours is providing educational efforts and investment guidance for participants with the same perspective we as investment advisors bring to our Wealth Management clients. (Many of our Wealth Management clients also have significant assets within qualified retirement plans we help manage.)



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