Northwest Capital Management

Strategic Planning

Given your resources, tolerance for investment risk and the dynamics of the financial markets, execute a comprehensive financial plan that can achieve your goals.

Wealth Management

Own a prudently diversified portfolio encompassing all your assets regardless of security type or the existence of multiple accounts/custodians.

Automated Portfolio Management

Access, if appropriate, an automated investment platform which uses low-cost Exchange Traded Funds yet still offers professional advice.

Northwest Capital Management Big Picture Study

Big Picture Study™

How do you ensure your financial success?

You start by developing a comprehensive investment strategy that looks at your big picture. To do it right involves real effort. Commit the time to work with us and we’ll do the heavy lifting.

Better Portfolio - Northwest Capital Management Financial Management

Better Portfolio™

Is each investment platform just as good as any other?

We make sure your financial success isn’t constrained by an investment account that can only own one type of security. Every security in each of your various accounts will be part of a larger, strategically-coordinated investment portfolio.

Northwest Capital Management Portfolio Bright

Portfolio Bright™

Will low-cost ETFs backed by sophisticated technology be suitable for some of your investment needs?

There are plenty of retail, automated investment platforms. As an alternative, we offer an institutional service with distinct advantages, including one-on-one advice.

Who We Are

No matter how far you’ve come, or how far you yet plan to travel, you have tough decisions ahead. Decisions about savings and investments.  About guaranteeing income. About asset protection. Taxation. Philanthropy. Wealth transfer.

We’re the people who can help you make informed, sound decisions.

We have the talent and resources to help you competently and prudently
manage your investments.

  • Investment Professionals

    We’re career investment professionals. For over two decades, NWCM has been helping clients further their financial success.

  • Powerful Investment Tools

    We leverage technology to provide the best possible service. We license third party software when it is effective. If off-the-shelf products can’t deliver, we’ve developed software in-house.

  • Valuable Research

    We subscribe to many third-party resources to aid our analysis, but there’s no substitute for the in-house research we undertake when making judgements about your portfolio.